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NiQuitin Mint 2mg, 4mg Lozenges

Smoking Cessation
Pack size
Both strengths: 72 lozenges, 132 lozenges
£10.00, £14.99
Legal Status
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For the treatment of tobacco dependence by relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms including cravings associated with smoking cessation. Should be used with behavioural support. NiQuitin Mint 2mg Lozenge: for those who smoke more than 30 minutes after waking. NiQuitin Mint 4mg Lozenge: for those who smoke within 30 minutes of waking.

Format and Ingredients

Cream/white, round, biconvex lozenge containing:

Nicotine 2 or 4mg


Lozenges should be used whenever there is an urge to smoke. Adult smokers 18 years and over: weeks 1 to 6: at least 9 lozenges but no more than 15 lozenges per day. Gradually reduce use so that by week 12, 1 to 2 lozenges a day are used only on occasions when strongly tempted to smoke. A healthcare professional should be consulted if unable to make a permanent quit attempt after 6 months. Allow lozenge to dissolve in the mouth, occasionally moving lozenge from one side to the other, until dissolved (about 20-30 minutes). Do not chew or swallow whole. Adolescents (12-17 years): should use the lozenges only on the advice of a healthcare professional. Under 12 years: not recommended.